Friday, June 19, 2015

Ahmigash I Won an Award!

see? it's official-
So, before I went off in an RV to California last week, I had a lovely comment from Jennifer at Total Randomness, who very kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award, which is a pay-it-forward kind of way for bloggers to appreciate other bloggers, and to remind us that, yes, other people read our writing.

I love her blog and her randomness and real-ness, and I am so flattered that she thought of me, because it usually feels like I'm writing basically for myself, so anyone else who appreciates my rambling is pretty much on my list of favorite people, forever and ever amen.  So, THANKS JEN!!  Also--to the blogging world at large--I'm sorry I'm bad at keeping up on my reading and commenting this year, but I'm hardly ever at my desk (to read) and can never think of anything fun (to write), so...yeah.

ANYhoo.  Here are the my answers to the award-related questions.

1.  Why did you start your blog?  To solve world hunger and focus on issues that help humanity.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Actually my daughter and I started a blog because one day we were driving and the phrase "running with cookies" came to mind because we don't like to run, but we do like cookies, so we thought if we could run with might be worth it.  Then we were all, hey, that could be a band name, but neither of us has a band.  Then, she decided to create a blog that we could both post on, because her writing and artwork are hilarious and make me cry with laughter, and I thought I'd occasionally pop in and write long snarky ramblings.  THEN I decided that my writing is WAY TOO LONG AND AND SNARKY AND RAMBLY, (like my thought processes), so I branched off and went all rogue and started my own blog.  So...that's the "why" part.  I guess.

2.  What is your favorite movie?  So many choices...but my usual quick answer is The English Patient.  No idea why...because I hate that the whole thing is about an affair and then she dies and he gets burned and then dies, and that part where Willem DaFoe loses his thumbs, but I always cry at the part where he's staggering along carrying her and crying.  *sniff*    And Ben Hur.  Just, because.  Also, there is an old sort of sleeper movie with Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas called Shining Through that I adore.

3.  Where was your last, best vacation?  You guys.  I JUST got back, night before last, from an RV trip/vacation to Alameda, in San Francisco, where we got to see a group of my family all in one place who have never been all together in our lives, and which may never happen again.  That was my last vacation AND my best vacation, but also like an adventure of mishaps and stress.  My next, best vacation will be to the Bahamas.  On a big boat with lots of room service.

4.  Who is your favorite author and why?  I love Phillippa Gregory's historical fiction, but anyone who writes about medieval English history is my favorite.  And Rosamunde Pilcher. Because at the end of her books, you just stare into space and aren't ready to say goodbye to the people and the world she creates.

5.  What is your most prized possession?  I sat here wondering, and I don't really have anything "prized".  Because my family had a house fire and lost everything when I was 16, I do have a very few things from my childhood or my grandparents, and those things are irreplaceable.  Probably because of that loss, I also highly value photos, because without those, the memories are kind of...lost.  If that makes sense.

6.  Cat, or dog?  Both.  Usually cat--we have THREE: Sam (on top), Jack (left) and Louis (right).

happy and dog-less
But then, something seemed to be missing, so we decided that we really needed an English Mastiff, so we got a 10-week-old puppy on March 2nd, and she is now an over 70-pound, 6-month old:

Bindi and Sam last month

7.  What is the most delicious food you have ever eaten?  A dish at a local mediterranean restaurant that is called "chicken ravioli" but is actually cheese raviolis covered in a to-die-for cream sauce that has large chunks of chicken and feta and onion in it, and it is the best thing in the history of food ever.  And some of my old cake flavor combinations, like pink champagne cake filled with huckleberries and whipped white chocolate ganache.  

8.  What is your favorite quote and by who?  Oh, wow.  I usually only quote movies, so I guess I'm pretty shallow.  Seriously, none come to mind, so I must not have a favorite.  I saw a great one the other day that said basically "Never use a lot of words to say too little, but use a few words to say a lot", but then I thought ok, that doesn't really apply, does it?  

9.  If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?  Short list? The Apostle Paul.  The Empress Josephine Boneparte.  Anne Boleyn.  Elizabeth Woodville.   Every medieval queen of England.  My ancestors from Poland.  I could go on and on.

10.  What is your favorite post you've written?  (please provide link)  *stares at ceiling*  Welllllll...I like most of them.  Some I cringe over and think about deleting.  Some are just "meh".  But I usually like this one, because I'm usually feeling annoyed about Facebook in general, and this post sums it up in a lot of wordy paragraphs.   --  Facebook Should Have A Punch Button 

That's my list, and thanks to anyone who reads this rambling.

And, to pass it on, I'm nominating my friend Michelle at Rubber Shoes In Hell, because she is funny and smart and snarky and irreverant and all my favorite things, and I want to hear her answers to these questions.   


  1. I hope to hear all about your vacation -- the good, the bad, the interesting. . . . I'm still here -- I love all your blog posts but don't comment very often. We're all fine here. . . . M

    1. Ruth! Glad you're here! I miss your voice--we'll have to catch up soon.

      The RV trip post is written but not finished, so stay tuned. Of course, it will be too long, but that's kind of the point. :D

  2. Love it! I read Rubber Shoes too. I'll have to pop over there for her answers.

    1. Right? We award-winners have to stick together. ;)

    2. Oh and I forgot to mention, I love your answers! Some made me feel dumbed down, like #2, #4, and

    3. Haha thanks!! And.. I felt that way about yours. I always feel like everyone else has a cooler answer... ;)
      Old habits