Tuesday, June 13, 2017

No Freestyling. Or, Something Like That...

Omg you guys.

I am literally the queen of saying awkward things today...

I won't go into too much detail, but I spent this last weekend out of town, so I have spent all day today answering the zillion emails and voicemails for our business, scheduling people, rescheduling people, etc.

I returned a call to a new customer a little while ago, and set him up with an order.  He decided that instead of having firewood delivered (by us), he would come pick it up himself.  I'm always very professional on the phone, but of course, I'm also pretty casual in general, so you never know what I might say.  Apparently.

Here's how it went down:

Him:  Can I just come pick up the firewood myself?

Me:  Sure! You also save $15.00 per load when you pick up, but bear in mind that you are loading it yourself, so it's up to you...save money and do more work, or spend more and save some time.

Him:  Sounds good.  I'm all about saving money.  I'll pick it up.

Me:  And, you can use the $15.00 to buy some gloves (for all the wood-stacking).  I should have stopped HERE.

Him:  Ok.  Wait...do I have to buy gloves, or can I just... (he's kidding)

Me:  (here's where it gets awkward)  Nope.  You can totally freeball it if you want.

*claps hand over mouth*

Him:  *bursts out laughing*

Me:  Oh. my. god.  I did NOT just say that out loud.  Pretend I didn't just say that.

Him:  *choking on laughter*

Me:  I'm hanging up now seeyouonmondaythe17thforthatpickupthanksbyeee

*facepalm*  I MEANT TO SAY "FREE STYLE.  You can totally freeSTYLE if you want..."

I'm such a dork.

What's your latest faux pas?  Ever say the exactly most awkward thing possible in a conversation with a stranger, or worse, a customer?

Or WORSE...the reason this guy's name rang a bell when I added him to our customer list is (wait for it), because he was Shane's BOSS about 25 years ago.  Oh. my. lord. 


  1. HAHAHAHA OMG I love you. That is hilarious.

    One time, when I was an IT director, I was talking on the phone to the operations manager who reported to me. I wasn't really paying attention because he could be super wordy. I was distracted. When we hung up, I said "Okay, bye. Love you".

    I never ever heard the end of it.

    1. Hahaaa yep, sounds like something I'd say. I'm still cringing over yesterday. At least he thought it was hilarious. Maybe when I have to talk to him next month, I'll pretend I'm someone else and that awkward "other lady" was fired. Lol

  2. Thank you for this this morning! I needed it so badly! And it made me laugh out loud so much that my 6.5 yo wanted to know what was sooooo funny....of course I couldn't tell him and that led to a ton of questions, but THANK YOU!

  3. AmberLynn so sorry I missed your comment- I was MIA for so long. Haha, so many questions. I still can't believe I said that, to my husband's prior boss, no less... ughhh *cringe*