Thursday, May 24, 2018

You Too Can Cook Like Me...Now, With Updated Contents...

Cookbook Update, from my prior post where I finally finished the book.  I finally also got around to adding a Contents section, which is not to say I indexed the whole thing, because no, I'm not doing that.  Because I have a life and stuff.  But I DID go through it and add a "Contents" section where at least you can find the general pages in the book where the different recipes will be.  Because on my first four copies for us, I totally spaced it and now I get to thumb through it, in "meal order" to find what I'm looking for.  Which is fine, because I wrote the damn thing so I think I can find my way around.  But for someone who isn', yeah-- some kind of index would be nice, right?  Right.

Also, IN CASE you really want to know all my secret family recipes, the Blurb website gave me an embedded boat-load of HTML garble that should embed in my blog as a link so you can go buy a copy for a million skillion dollars (okay, like $70.00 ish but still), but I can not figure out the embed thing, so it ends up looking like this...

<div class='share-on-blog' style='margin: 2px;vertical-align: top; font-size: 14px; font-family: arial; color: #000; max-width:300px;padding: 20px;border: 1px solid #f5f5f5; text-align: center; display: block;margin: 5px auto;'>
  <a href="" data-bindattr-144="144" target='_blank'>
    <img src="" data-bindattr-145="145" alt='' style='max-height:300px; max-width:300px;border:0;zoom: 50%;box-shadow: 3px 3px 10px 1px #999;' />
  <p style='margin: 5px;'><a target='_blank' style='text-decoration: none; font-size: 18px; color: #00c0be; text-transform: uppercase; border-bottom: 0;'><script id='metamorph-652-start' type='text/x-placeholder'></script>The Book<script id='metamorph-652-end' type='text/x-placeholder'></script></a></p>
  <p style='margin: 5px;'>By <a style='text-decoration: none; color: #00c0be; order-bottom: 0;'><script id='metamorph-653-start' type='text/x-placeholder'></script>Stefanie Smith<script id='metamorph-653-end' type='text/x-placeholder'></script></a></p>

Whatever the heck THAT all means.

Anyhoo, to make it easier, you can go here - instead and buy a bunch of copies right now because I'm pretty sure we're gonna be so rich now, muahahaaaa.

That's all, byeee.

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