Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You know you're in Idaho when...

You see this.  Parked at, yes, Walmart.

Oh. My. Gosh. 

I actually SAW this on my way out of a Walmart parking lot a couple of years ago.  I drove past like, wow, but then I had to stop and back up and actually take a picture, because, you know, some things you have to have proof of. 

It's appararently a school bus that has been converted into a motor home or RV or whatever.  Ok, I'm with them so far.  But, then there's a Kenworth SLEEPER, attached to the back of the bus!?!!?  

What?!?  I don't even--  Words fail.

I wish I'd gotten closer to see if there was actual duct tape involved, but it was kind of a drive-by photo op, since I didn't want someone to open the door to this super-cool unit and see a lady in a BMW laughing and taking pictures of their home.  Um... rude.  But, what's funny is that the people who drove this are probably actually "my people", in the sense that I grew up all hippied out in the 70s, and I knew actual people who totally lived in a school bus.  For real.  I even slept there sometimes with my friend (so, was it her parents who lived in it? I can't remember).  I remember lying on the bed (or whatever we were on, planks...who knows), and seeing the sky through those really difficult-to-open bus windows.  Remember those?  You had to like stick your fingertips in these tabs and pull both sides towards the middle (hard) and then simultaneously wiggle the whole thing down to open it.  If you got it wrong or were stronger on one side, you'd get a 45-degree angle, and then the whole thing's jammed and the super crabby bus driver would scream at you with her cigarette/whiskey voice to "LEAVE THE DAMN WINDOWS UP.  Do not make me stop this bus! Man, I hate kids!..." etc. 

(sorry...time warp there)

ANYway, the point is, I was laughing, but I totally get this.  The Kenworth sleeper thing is hilarious in this day and age, but I bet if you asked the guy who built this, he'd be all:  "Dude, this is the coolest thing EVER.  Check it out, man--we carpeted the whole thing."  And he'd show you all through it, and it'd have all these funky little tricky things that he made, like how the sleeper door opens in to the bus, so you have more storage room behind it inside the sleeper.  Or maybe how the sleeper is a "mother-in-law's" quarters or a solar hot tub area or something.

So, I sort of love this picture--It's fun to remember where you came from, and this picture totally reminds me.

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