Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I've Got Your New Years Resolution Inspiration, Right Here

Wow.  Today I just randomly realized that, if I want to work out to lose some of the weight I've been beating myself up about NOT losing for the last *cough* eight *cough* years, one really really good way to inspire myself to work out is to put on a sports bra (preferably one that is a size too small) and skin-tight leggings, and hang out (no pun intended) around the house.  I'm home every day.  There's no excuse to not work out.    Not. one.  Zero, zip, nada.  It's just me...not working out...

So I dress in workout clothes, and guaranteed...if I walk past a mirror or a window, my reflection pretty much screams DROP AND GIVE ME 20!!!  ok...10, posssssibly 15.

Also, sitting at my desk is a no-no, because, hello--rolls.  This dress code is also a great appetite suppressant.  Oh,  I see you're looking in the fridge.  Again.  Have you seen what your butt looks like in these pants?? Is that a muffin top? And what's THIS, right here? See?  Yes, you.  Close the fridge.  Right now.


So.  If you want inspiration, in a nutshell, there it is.  Wear work-out gear, and you definitely WILL work out.  Or at least I will. 

So--  bye.  I'm going to hit the exercise bike and cardio now.

NO, I don't look like this.  But, I could, right?  RIGHT??!?


  1. Awesome! I really need to get back on it as well. I let way too many things get in the way of working out. Like watching TV

  2. Try watching TV in a sports bra and spandex pants. It's miraculously motivating....

    I have the bike in front of a TV, but we don't have TV, so...I read instead.

    Still sore from yesterday-- I'm up to 40 minutes of cardio and bike, trying to get to one hour. And I HATE WORKING OUT, so that scale better start showing me some LOVE.

  3. I like to put on workout clothes when I go out in public and don't have the motivation to fix my hair or look like an otherwise decent human being... it at least works as a distraction that way.

  4. LOL--I love that idea! I should try it... That way, I could be all "SEE? I totally work out. And I *may* or *may not* have just left the gym! So don't give me that look."

    Ahhaaaa...THIS could explain all those cute skinny girls with no makeup, in running shoes and yoga pants at the grocery store. *nods thoughtfully*