Friday, April 11, 2014

So, Charlemagne

Meet my 40th great grandfather CHARLEMAGNE

So.  On my dad's maternal side, we descend from German nobility, a bunch of French, Italian, and Austrian kings and princesses, and a ton of Holy Roman Emperors/Empresses, like ALL of them.  INCLUDING Charlemagne.

Actually, when I got done tracing, there are at least SIX lines that go back to Charlemagne, and even further back to some King Clodius of the ostragoths or something. I stopped about there, because his lineage goes back to like King Tut or Moses or something, lol.  I don't need quite that much info. 

But I do think my friend Kristi is right--Someone totally owes me some back rent on some castles, or the Vatican or something.  Right?

Of course, on my mom's side, I descend from Polish coal miners, villagers, and bee keepers with names like Boleslawa Skiendzielewski and Rosalija Kiskiunaite Gylys, so there may be a discount for that--unless they trace back to the Russian Czars or something, but that's highly doubtful.  

I still have another whole branch of my dad's side to research--the first part was just on his mom's family tree, but really, after Charlemagne...what else is there?  

P.S....As it turned out, there wasn't anything interesting on my dad's paternal side.  They came from Scotland in 1782.  The end.  (for now)

Guys.  You should totally check yours out.  


  1. Yeah, I'm going to have to check this out. This is just fascinating.

    1. It's SUper fascinating...I did more this morning and found another line back to Charlemagne in a different family, plus links to a bunch of more French, Austrian and Italian royalty, plus like 4-5 Holy Roman Emperors, back to the 700's.

      Funny. I don't *feel* any different. Still--I'm thinking I should get some back-rent on castles AND the Vatican.

      You can email me if you want any help :)

    2. Also Charles The Bald. Louis II The Stammerer. Peppin The Short. Otto I and II, and one princess whose family founded a monastery or something and still has their original castle from like the 800s.

      Pretty cool to be able to Wikipedia your own ancestors!!

  2. Wow, back rent indeed!
    I fantasize being some distant relative of Klimt or Gauguain (probably not, did I even spell that correctly) .

    1. I hear ya. I keep finding so many cool English noble names in Shane's family tree! And since I'm an English medieval history freak, it makes my Charlemagne seem pretty boring. ;)