Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wow. This is Like CAMP. Only NOT-

Did you hear THAT?
Remember that game when you were at camp in the 80s?  You 'member? That one, where we'd all line up, and the kid at the front of the line would whisper something in the ear of the second kid in line.  Then that kid would turn around and whisper what he heard (or thought he heard) in the ear of the third kid in line, and so on....

Then the last kid in line would say what they "heard", and we'd see how far off it was, and it was always way, wayyyy off.


Well, my friends, in case you were waiting til you're a grownup to find out if that ever ends, let me be the first to whisper in your ear...it never ends, ever.  NEVER. EVER.

I've been off for awhile, enjoying family and some company, and graduations, etc.  You know...real life.  And I don't get out much, so when I do...I tend to chatter like a chipmunk on Red Bull.

*eye roll*

ANYway.  I happened to be chatting, as is my way, with someone a few weeks ago, and I randomly got on the line of conversation that goes like this:  "We're getting older, and I totally get the snow bird thing, and I'd love to see France...so...someday, yeah, it'd be nice to travel.  Maybe we'll actually DO that."  (Right after we pay off our debts, buy a car, and put two kids through college... but sometime before the actual nursing home.  Yes.  Definitely.  Maybe.)

So...today, we heard from an unrelated other friend, who heard from a friend, who heard it from these people I talked to.  He asked if we were, "uh...going to Europe for two months", because...you know...HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THAT???  

*insert blank shocked face here*



What they don't let you do in grade school, though, is go to the back of the line and SLAP the kid at the end for blabbing the wrong info to the whole world.  They assumed that somewhere along the way, we were also supposed to learn to FILTER out what *is* chit-chat/gossipy nonsense, and what *is* interesting news.  Apparently, this is still a huge problem for some people (see also: pretty much every single Facebook post ever written).

But still.  Just...wow.  I'd say I'm speechless, but of course...I'm so not.  It does feel a little like camp, though.



  1. HAHAHAHAHA....telephone. We called it telephone.

    I wish you were going to Europe for two months so that I could visit vicariously...

    glad to see you!

    1. YES. Telephone. Thanks!

      And yeah...of course now this is our new joke/excuse for everything:

      --We can't call you back...because there's no cell service IN EUROPE.

      --We can't come to your BBQ...because we're IN EUROPE.

      --We can't be bothered to pay bills...because we spent it all IN EUROPE.

      ha. ha. :P

      You should totally come visit.

  2. This is how some people's whole family operates....not just strangers who can't keep facts straight. I won't name names, but just know that some people live with this problem....daily! Oh, and I wish I could go to Europe too!

    1. You should come, too. :D

      And yeah...I know of whole families for whom this is a regular thing. It just caught me off guard because it seemed like innocent chatting, and then BOOM--suddenly we're being discussed around a campfire as spendthrift runaways or something. What the actual heck?

  3. At camp in the '80s? Wow, I played it before that, so clearly we didn't get the word it wasn't going to be invented until the '80s, which is probably what the first person in line said -- "this will be invented in the '80s because I have a time machine and we can all use it to get rich" -- which is sad because we'd have all been rich instead of confused. And then I could go to Europe too.

    1. Oh, funny! I never thought of it being from earlier, but I totally believe that. That would explain why those camp counsellors were always 'busy' working on that 'flux capacitor' thingamagig. ;0)

      And yeah-- If I had a dime for every time I've "been to Europe" or "on a cruise"...

      (Come to think of it--NO WONDER stuff doesn't get done around here. I'm probably IN EUROPE again.) bwahaha!