Thursday, June 25, 2015

Things Are Looking Up, but Pink Hasn't Called Yet...

Today I found myself driving back and forth between our two local metro areas, looking for random parts for Shane.  Most of the things turned out to not be available, because yeah, we don't have that.  But thanks for driving an hour out of your way to show me this thing that we can't sell you.  Crazy traffic, huh?

I had to deal with slightly nightmare-ish traffic on the freeway, because for some reason BOTH cities have decided to simultaneously host major sporting events--ON THE SAME WEEKEND.  Which means there are 10 million  about 350,000 extra people in both towns, combined, this weekend.  Good luck getting a hotel anywhere within 50 miles of here right now.

But IN SPITE of the fact that all million of them appeared to be on the freeway with me at 4:04 p.m. today, I decided to try to enjoy the drive, live dangerously, and max out my car's stereo volume ("listening to music at the highest volume is not recommended") and rock out, to kill the time.  I may have even been singing.

What made me laugh, though, is that, the way things have been around here in our bank account (or lack of...), even buying small extras can often seem like a big deal.  Heck, some weeks buying freaking milk seems like a big deal.  "Are we out of it yet? Then we don't need it."  Yet, today I had a customer prepay for an order, so we had...ahem...some extra money in the bank to buy milk AND all the things I was in search of, even though they didn't have them in stock. (thanks a lot, people)

Because of this slight uptick in fortune, I found myself singing along with Pink (or however you spell her name) to the lyrics of I Got Money Now, at full volume.
You don't
Have to 
Like me
cause I've got money now
I don't care
What you say
About me
cause I've got money now

Ok.  So, it was like $600.00 extra dollars...  

I KNOW.  But today, it seemed pretty much like the same thing.  

So, that's how *my* day was.

How was yours?


  1. $600 is a month and a half of groceries at our sing it loud and proud!

    1. I wish it was actual extra money and not just going right back out for bills.

      Then I'd have been singing it WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN Y'ALL. ;)

  2. My bank account is like your bank account. Id be singing, too.

    1. I hear ya. It's hard to remember what it was like when every penny wasn't earmarked for some overdue bill...

      There's always hope, though.