Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Fluh" is a Word

I love my brother Jesse.  We share an odd sense of humor, a love of cats, similar coloring, and a lot of years of a dorky hippie childhood.  Even though he lives at the opposite side of the country, we have managed to stay in touch and always pick up where we left off, and we always laugh a lot.  When he visits, our kids are like Whoa. He's except, he's a guy.  High praise indeed.  *wink*
We joke that we must share a brain, sometimes.  On his last visit, we were all randomly trying to remember the name of an Emilio Estevez movie, and someone blurted out the title, Young Guns.  We both absolutely simultaneously chimed in...."Did you see the size of that...CHICKEN?".  I haven't seen that movie in probably five years, and I've never watched it with him. We graduated high school from separate ends of the country, yet we both picked out the same exact line? 
People who haven't seen the movie totally didn't see the humor, but we thought we were hilarious. Maybe quoting movies is a symptom of growing up in the 80's, I don't know.
Sometimes we will just randomly text each other a song that's stuck in our head.  You know, just to share the love.  This spring I was remembering a shared joke about cooking with thyme (the herb), so I sent him this:
Me:  "If Iiiii could save tiiiiiiiime in a bottttttle"
He immediately wrote:  "Lol thanks! Lately I've been stuck with crappy 'Walk Like An Egyptian'.  Radio stations suck down here".
Me:  "Nooo!  Now I hear those big kettle drums!!!"
That's what siblings are for, right?
When I picked him up at the airport this summer for his visit, after not having seen him for a year and a half, my phone went off, with a text from Shane, and Jesse started reaching for his phone. Apparently we have picked out the exact same chime/ringtone for text messages. I know--not a big deal.  Unless you consider the fact that we have separate phone carriers, different phone brands, and the sound we picked out (from about a million choices) is a really odd sound that isn't normally used for text messaging alerts.  He was like... "Seriously? That's your ringtone?" High five.
One of my favorite things, though, is our joke about "Fluh".  We were talking about people who yakk nonstop on the phone without coming up for air. We all know them.  You don't really even need to participate, during these conversations, other than to let them know you haven't actually hung up every once in awhile. He had a girlfriend like this once, and he said she would talk for so long that he would just set the phone down on the couch while she talked, and do whatever he needed to do. Every once in awhile he would just pick up the phone and say uh-huh and put it back down. Then, to mix it up, he decided to just throw in random sounds. She never even noticed. So he would pick the phone up at random times, and say something like "Fluh," then set the phone back down. A few minutes later he would pick it back up and say "Schweagle," then, "Snarf".  I guess it was fine for her, because she just kept talking. 
Not surprising, they are no longer together...
We aren't ones to spend hours on the phone chatting, and even our texting is sometimes pretty brief, but sometimes I just need to touch base, so I'll text him a random word like "Fluh".  Sure enough, a few minutes later I'll get back: "Snarg", and that's all we need sometimes.  


  1. I'm totally trying this on several people. Hilarious!

    1. It totally works. Especially "schweagle".