Friday, November 8, 2013

Duck, duck...MOOSE.

I crack myself up.  Sorry--

It's comforting, in a way, to live somewhere *out* there far enough, that the only thing we need to worry about, before popping out the back door, at 4 pm in broad daylight, is a MOOSE.  Or three.

The other day, my daughter opened the back door and saw this:

Busted.  Well, this is awkward...
They are not afraid of much, and they make themselves at home, so I'm glad she didn't just hop off the porch and go walking out to the garden, because...

Hello? I'm still here.    (Notice the ATV right there in the picture!)

There is a mother moose who brings her twins here fairly often right now, and they are having a heyday nibbling through what's left in the vegetable garden.  I wondered why my brussels sprout stems are disappearing so fast...surely no deer could take bites that big.

A few days after these pictures were taken, we walked in from the garage at like 4:30 p.m., and I heard my oldest at the back door, going, "Mom...come look...out by the pond..."  So I looked out and saw this-- Whoa.  What the heck? That's a tall moose! Or a horse in need of a chiropractor.

then I blinked and...whoops, TWO babies were peeking out!


I grabbed the camera and went and sat on the back deck and filmed a bit, and she was really pretty cool about it.  We've had moose around here for years, so it's probably a generational thing--The moms just bring their kids back every year, like, "See, THIS is where they have roses.  And beets! And broccoli! Plus, there's that swampy pond where you can wade around."  Moose heaven. 

I KNOW, they can be dangerous or whatever, but seriously I've had tons of them in our yard over the years, and I've never had any trouble from them.  Other than A LOT LESS BRUSSELS SPROUTS to harvest.

She let them wander around and nibble the pond garden, like this:

While she stood watch in the yard. 
Actually right here, she's kind of intently watching our neighbor, who was 5 acres away, working on his property. 

Then she gathered the twins up, and they followed her away, back wherever they came from.

So, it's a safe neighborhood, but still.  It does make it interesting, when we say "Who wants to go check the mail?" after dark...

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