Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's Day Referral and a Sneak Peek

Oh my goodness.  I've just spent almost the whole morning reading a blog I stumbled on earlier.  I should be painting and baking, but--you know how that goes...

Aside from the fact that her name is Stephanie (sistah!), she's married to a Russian, and her stories are making me nostalgic for my Polish/Russian/Czech/Lithanian roots family stories from my mom and my aunts.  Meanwhile...if you're of Eastern European descent, or you have an uncanny ability to drink straight vodka, you will love her blog:

You're welcome, and happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. - I was up very very late last night ruminating about some new family history post ideas, but they haven't come together into anything post-able yet.  There will be a three-legged goat named Rosemary involved, though-- plus, hitchhiking, growing up with an outdoor shower (and dishwashing, and toothbrushing), a mountain lion named "Kitty", hippies saving fingernail clippings for art projects, my mom climbing in and out of a van through the windows, my dad falling off a roof naked in a bathrobe, and my aunt traveling Poland in a sidecar driven by a stranger who was possibly a relative.  Also, chickens (and goats) in tents.

P.P.S.  Pretty sure those things all need to be in several different posts.

P.P.P.S.  OK!  I'm going to make pie for my sweetheart now.


  1. I look forward to seeing some of these stories. And some paintings.

    1. Soon. I need to find and scan the photos to go with the stories first...

  2. Ooo those family stories sound like something to look forward to! Also, that pie triggered a sudden desire, no, NEED for a chocolate pie. It doesn't take much, really.

  3. I did make one like that... :)

    And yeah, as soon as I find some photos, the hippie child stories should be on their way.