Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday. We Could Be on to Something-

Today I read a blog post that was a nod to it being Throwback Thursday.  First I thought...well, thanks for reminding me, it's Thursday.  I usually don't know for sure what day it is, now that I'm home and every day seems pretty much like every other day.  Like Groundhog Day, only with me, instead of Bill Murray...

I realized that Throwback Thursday could be used for lots of other stuff in everyday life, which got me thinking, maybe we're not using it to its full potential.

On Throwback Thursday, I could:

1.  Tell everyone their laundry WAS done.  Last week.

2.  Wear my favorite style of clothes/nail polish color/shoes from whatever past decade I feel like.  And NO ONE can say a word.

3.  Insist on speaking only in, like, totally Valley Girl lingo.  All day.  And say "Like, gag me with a spoon" to every customer on the phone today who mentions it's snowing again.  Totally.

3.  Post pictures of myself from back when I weighed the RIGHT amount (tah dah!)  Like that picture of me at 110 pounds with my mom, all tan and smooth and slim.  (OK--so it was 1985).

4.  Text my youngest at school and tell her she's late for dance practice.  (psych! We don't do dance lessons any more!)

5.  Spend all day drawing horses, then tell everyone I'm planning to be an artist; please be quiet while I'm working.

6.  Best of all?  Lay on the couch under a blanket by the fire all day with a book and a cup of tea, like an old-fashioned "sick day", watching it snow, because my throat feels like it's trying to get sore, so I'm pretty sure a couch day is in order.

Random association:  I was just saying "throwback" to myself, and then I heard my husband's voice (in my head) saying "throwdown".  Which is a very different term.  For him, that would only apply to someone he didn't respect, as in "That guy is a total throwdown."  We wouldn't want a 'throwdown' Thursday. Sorry; I crack myself up sometimes...

Wait.  It's Thursday?  I need to make sweets for my daughter's play practice group for tomorrow!  Which means, either take a shower and go to the store...or make some brownies.  So, I'm baking today.  See how that happened?
I am, like, totally making these!


  1. I'm pretty much on board. I don't understand why the '80s are so maligned. :)

  2. I know. Who can argue with "Be Excellent To Each Other" ?? lol

  3. Hahahaha...YES...Bill and Ted were awesome

    And I really really REALLY want some brownies.

    1. Dude. Seriously.

      And....I have to admit. I bought the treats and shirked the baking. *F* in momness. Lol