Friday, July 25, 2014

So, Mom--What DO You Do All Day?

A few weeks ago I was talking with my youngest, who prefers to be on the go A LOT and can be reduced to catatonic staring at a wall in boredom if she has to stay home for like, a whole day during the summer.

We had this conversation, while talking about the fact that I have spent the last 18 months with no car, except the one I share with our oldest, who works full-time now, so basically I'm home a lot, ALL THE TIME EVERY DAY FOREVER (which is where I love to be the most--they don't understand why my perfect day is a day when I don't have to drive anyone anywhere):

Her:  I can't for the LIFE OF ME figure out what it is you DO all day...

Me:  Well.  Basically I just hang around, painting my nails, reading, taking naps, studying French, fooling around on the internet, and WHATEVER ELSE I FEEL LIKE.  All day.  While you're at school.

Her:  *nothing*

In all fairness...between manicures I also manage to run our business, do all the books, scheduling, customer service, and taxes; take care of 2 acres of landscaping, an acre of grass, a 5,000 sq ft vegetable garden, laundry for four, keep 19 chickens, an orchard, 100 rose bushes, keep the house up, preserve all our own food for the year, make sure that there's always food in the fridge, the cats are fed (yes, every day), beds have clean linens, bathrooms are clean, and everything gets done on time and everyone gets where they need to go, and dinner is always delicious.

I also sometimes write blog posts, knit sweaters, and work on a cookbook that will hopefully be published in my lifetime.

Nothing much.

So--Here's to working, stay-at-home moms everywhere.  Because we ROCK, even if no one can see it.

Sorry--Can't help you.  I have wet nails.


  1. She is going to be shocked when she's on her own and realizes dirt doesn't magically disappear in your house.

  2. Replies
    1. *Meh* Don't be... I take it a verrrry relaxed pace. ;)

    2. That is exactly what I was going to say.

      Oh man...I can't even take the time to pull the weeds out of the open bag of potting soil by my deck.

    3. Seriously, the nail-painting, beach-going, book-reading part is a lot higher up on the priority list this year. You wouldn't believe the stuff I let slide.

  3. My husband thinks we play all day here. I told him that the next time I go out of town for work that he should stay at our house with the kids and no help from his parents or anyone and take them to do stuff like I do and then see how clean the house gets....he said he could do circles around me. HAHAHAHA! Good luck with that one!

    1. Ah, yes. I've seen dads say that... "I could do MY job AND what you do at home, and still have time left over". Last time I saw a friend try it, she left him home with 4 kids and the farm to take care of.

      He lasted about one afternoon before he had a complete meltdown.

  4. Your nails are lovely and your description of doing 'nothing' made me want to crawl back in bed...haha.

    1. Thanks Michelle. They don't quite resemble that today. I'm rocking the "broken, natural" look lately.

      And my chores have spiraled into a revolving door of NOTHING GETTING DONE BECAUSE PUPPY, AAAAAIIEEE. It's like having a toddler all over again. Dishes, laundry, and a shower are a huge accomplishment right now.

      hashtag whathaveIdone