Monday, August 17, 2015

Panhandling in the Panhandle

The other day, I was driving with our youngest, and there was this guy standing on one of the corners by our mall, holding one of those cardboard signs that said something along the lines of  I don't have any money.  Can I have some of yours?

I won't bore you with a monologue on how I *feel* about panhandling versus busting your ass working for a living 6+ days a week, because then you might disagree and be like wow, you're really judgey, and I'd have to be all, well, don't read my blog, then, and then there'd be all this angst and we'd both think the other was being a jerk.

ANYWAY, there was this guy, for whatever reason, and it caused the following funny conversation in our car, after we went by.

Me:  Dude, seriously?  I thought panhandling was illegal in Idaho.

Teenager:  Isn't that why it's called The Panhandle State?

Me:  *laughing*  No.  We live in the Panhandle OF Idaho.

Teenager:  Oh.  Why is it called the Panhandle, then? I thought it was because of panhandlers.

Me:  Because Idaho is kind of shaped like a pan, and this is like the pan handle.

Teenager:  Idaho is the least pannish thing I've ever seen.  It totally does not look like a pan.

Come to think of it...she's right


  1. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I commented on Rage Michelle's Rubber Shoes In Hell blog today. If I hadn't taken the plunge, I would not have found your blog through hers. I have been wading through blogs looking for kindred spirits for over a year and have found very few. This is FUNNY! I love what you write. I love your take on panhandlers (we call them beggars in the UK) Great work!!!!

    1. I know. Panhandling makes it kind of sound like it's an enterprise of some kind, when it's really just...begging. We should call it what it is.

      Thank you so much for making me smile with your kind words!! Glad you enjoy it here. :D