Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Holy Cow. Is That What I Think It Is??

If you read my last post about my childhood horse accident and subsequent lack of an eyebrow, you may have seen this picture...
The "after" picture, with my left eyebrow, cheek and forehead still showing marks from the accident.
Being mostly observant after the fact, and loving to look at the background details of old photos, I was looking closer at this picture on my screen after posting it.  Mostly in awe, like...WHAT IS WITH THE OPEN SHELVES?  What is all that stuff?  Then, OK...I see we're drinking RC and eating pizza (so, it's a special treat, or it's before our vegetarian year).  Then, check out those curtains, and what looks like cheap laminate board over what must have been a bad wall behind us.  I remember most of that.

Then the fridge.  Wait--What is hanging over the fridge?  Is that-- ?   Oh my actual gosh.  Yes.  It is.  A snake skin.  Or, rather, a shedded snake skin, or whatever it's called when they leave that behind.  I remember it now.  Why on earth Dad chose to hang it up, right there by itself, in the dining room...escapes me.  

I totally remember that rattle snakes were a problem there, but what the heck? 

Just--Oh. my. gosh.  Now I can't "un-see" it.... Too funny!

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