Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life with Cats. A February Recap--

I posted awhile back about the new addition to our cat collection, or "glaring" of cats, and I thought I'd share an pictorial update, for those of you who live with and love your pets.  And if you hate cats, you can read this and be like, see, this is why I will never have cats.

I should also mention that, since we took in Sam, we have had yet another sad discarded soul show up on our back porch, be taken in, and found him a home--because four is too many, you guys.  The fact that anyone would dump what was obviously a house cat off in our front yard, in FEBRUARY, when it's 12 degrees out, just ...I don't even.  Anyway, that one is happily safe and sound and warm with a neighbor of ours who was excited to get him--leaving us room on the porch to await the next dump-off.  Come to think of it, all three of our cats were discards.  I call them our misfit band of orphaned bachelors.


Since it's winter, things are kind of boring around here, except for the endless laundry and vacuuming, and I have writer's block and can think of nothing that seems funny or interesting to share with the wholeentireworld, so I thought I'd browse our life-with-cats pictures.  I did start planting garden seeds yesterday, and I woke up with a headache that I'm pretty sure was caused by eating Domino's last night after being off processed foods for awhile now, but neither event is worth, you know, blogging I thought I'd recap some of the ways our pets enrich our lives.  Actually, I think they are pretty sure we're here to enrich theirs... Allow me to ellaborate:
Louis and Jack:  Thanks for opening the drapes--now we can watch the birds from your bed

Jack:  If you'd quit taking pictures...I could sleep

Please don't kick us off.  (they are NOT supposed to be on the bed)
Thanks for keeping the fire going.  We'd do it, but we don't have thumbs...
You.  Get off my couch.
Are you blind?  I said OFF.
After dinner snooze.  Also, no WAY you can sit here...
An hour later.  Still no room for you, sorry.
This seat is taken...
And so is this one... and this one.  They're all taken.
Sam insists on coming outside, no matter the weather.
He's sure he can catch the snow that lands when I toss it over my shoulder.
Sam, back inside.  He can sleep in the oddest positions...
Sam's happy face.  How could we have turned THIS face away?
Much later.  Still sleeping.
About an hour later.  Yeah.  That shoveling really takes it out of you.
Well, he's certainly HAPPY.  So glad we saved him...
Not sure how he sleeps in this position, but he does it a lot...
See?  What the heck, Sam?? 
 We are so glad we added Sam to our family, even though three cats seems like we definitely crossed some sort of line...but he's very sweet and fun to have around.  He gallops everywhere like a puppy and is obsessed with our printer.  Every time he hears it beep and start printing, he will come from anywhere in the house to do this:

This.  Every. Time.  He never figures it out.
I should also point out that I totally did not include any closeups of the damage they have done to all of our leather furniture, or any pictures of them in motion, which is the state they maintain when they are NOT sleeping.  Jack and Sam are about the same age ("dumb teenage ninja" in cat-years), so their idea of a good time is to parkour around the whole entire house, like a game.  "Let's see if we can go from the bedroom to the office to the hallway to the entryway to the living room to the dining room, without touching the floor."  Awesome.  I have seen some amazing stuff, but of course I don't have pictures of it, because you can't GET pictures of that.  It's like taking a picture of ghosts drag-racing.  Mainly, you can't believe what you're seeing, and they're moving too fast to get a shot of it anyway.

Well, that's all I have.  That's my February, in a nutshell.  It's 10 degrees and blowing about 30 mph today, and I'm sick, so I'm going to pull out my grow lights now and get the seed trays under lights, grab some tea and my giant book on the Plantagenets, gargle some more salt water, and hope for my sore throat to go away.  Also, probably should vacuum again, because with three cats, there's no such thing as too much vacuuming...

P.S.  Also I REALLY MISS SWIMMING right now.

carry on


  1. OMYGOD I LOVE YOU!! You're really funny! I'm literally wiping snot from my nose from laughing so hard (sorry TMI)!! Okay, let me gather myself so I can type. First, you had me at cats, and your orange one, Jack, looks EXACTLY like one I used to have named Lefty. No. You don't understand. EXACTLY. It's freakin' my freak.

    I love to see people's kitty pictures! I used to have a lot *cough-eight-cough* and although we just have one dog now, I miss them! Cats are the best.

    1. Eight? oh girl. We almost had FOUR a week ago, but thank goodness we found the new stray a home.

      What I love about the pictures of Sam are, if you look close, you can see his happy little FANGS sticking out. It cracks me up every time.

      Glad I made you laugh. *here's a kleenex* :D