Thursday, September 25, 2014

Whoa, My 100th Post!

Sorry I've been gone for, like, EVER.  But, oh my gosh, you guys, I had to be away a lot, because SUMMER.

And company, and camping, and gardening, and books, and French lessons (bonjour! see?), and knitting socks and hats and sweaters, and reading at the beach, and sending our oldest off to college, and school shopping, and varsity volleyball games (which I also love), and SO MUCH REGULAR STUFF.

Also, there were a few incidents of chasing loose rampaging pigs around our property.  For real.  I only wish I'd thought to take pictures, because you can NOT make that stuff up, but I was so mad and out of breath from chasing them, that my phone was really the last thing I had on my mind at the time.  It was more focused on OMG KEEP THEM OUT OF THE ROAD!  No! Ahhhh! Stoppp!  They're on the road.  They are going. down. the. road.     I'm done.   

I also kept putting off writing this post, because I totally thought my 100th post should be, you know...meaningful, so I kept waiting for anything to come along that was worth writing down, or really profound.  And nothing did.  And it still hasn't.  So...  hey.      *waves*

Normally, I get blog post ideas, or I find myself in situations that just *have* to be written down, and I'm like this:
But, lately...nothing


 I did discover how much I LOVE having a kid in college.  I love that she's happy there, I love the sports, I love the town, the campus, and the fact that she and her roommate hit it off, right off the bat.  I'm wearing a university shirt right now, but I AM trying not to be one of those psycho college moms, all living vicariously through their kids.  I also love the school travel cup she got me...but that's the extent of it.  Oh...and the magnet on the car.  But that's it, seriously.  Although I do love logo hats... (hint, hint)

Other than all that, seriously, nothing worth writing about has happened, or maybe it's just the fact that I've been too busy, you know, living the stuff, to write about any of it.  It's all good, though.

I wish my 100th post was more insightful or something, like me all getting in touch with my inner self or whatever, but it's not, and I'm not.  All I learned this summer is that, the older I get, the lazier I get.  I suddenly commiserate with people who hire their yard work done, because, why ELSE is there a hammock out there??  duh

Oh, I DID start swimming a mile a day again, and it's much quieter at our gym right now, and I don't have to share a lane quite as oftenso I'm loving that.  I'm pretty annoyed that I don't look any different yet. I haven't lost 20 pounds or anything, but you know, it's only been a week, so I'm willing to give it a little more time.

I'm sure as the weather changes, I'll be around more.  I may even think of something meaningful to write about, besides complaining about the weather (or lack of it) here, or whining about wanting more summer, or how maybe we should just become snowbirds in France (that's a joke--we're not, repeat not, moving).  There are also always more fun photos and memories of my hippie childhood to browse through, so stay tuned.  

Also, if you're on my regular list of reading...I'm not dead, and I'm not ignoring anyone.  I've just been offline for so long this summer that I actually forgot my Google password.  

I know, right? 

So, now everyone can rest easy.  I'm still here.  Hope your summer's wrapped up well, and you're enjoying all the fall-ish stuff.  Except "pumpkin" coffee.  Heathens.


  1. YAY! you are back!!

    So glad college life is working out for your daughter so nicely! that is a awesome and has to be a relief for you.

    Chasing much NOT a part of my life experience. I live in the suburbs. I just have annoying neighbors.

    And pumpkin spice anything for me, either. I do not get the attraction.

  2. I'm glad the no/pumpkin thing isn't just me. What the actual heck, guys? Pumpkin? and coffee? No, no, no.

    Ahh, yes, those pigs! We moved their butcher date up, which is what happens around here when they get out more than once, lol.

    I am over the moon proud of our oldest, and so excited for her. She is settled in and loving her new life at the university.

    I will try and get in story-teller mode more often again, but right now I'm still picking fruit and enjoying the sun outside (and stacking firewood, ugh), but who knows, maybe there's a post in there somewhere.

    Plus--I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on...!!

  3. Yay! I missed reading your posts so much that I too ended up uninspired of late. I will be posting later though, so for now I'm just catching up on all I've missed in the last two weeks. Oh, and I love pumpkin things....but not drinks and I don't love any coffee, so I'll support your anti-pumpkin coffee fall!

    1. Thanks! I'm off coffee too, but *no one* better recommend pumpkin spice hot chocolate. Guys. Stahp.

      I have another post rattling around in my head, which kept me up last night, which means I HAVE to write it, but it involves me actually drawing things and calling up lots of flowery evocative language, and I have red beets to can and elderberries to deal with today, so it has to wait. But I have my colored pencils OUT already. :D

      Stay tuned...