Monday, October 13, 2014

The Niña, The Pinta, and The WHY ARE THERE NO BANKS OPEN?!?

Aside from all the total epic FAIL-ness of Christopher Columbus' reputation from the vantage point of like 522 years of hindsight...I really hated him a little bit more again today.
Maybe they were just looking for a BANK that was open.

This morning my alarm went off the usual 25 minutes before I need to drive our youngest to school.  Then I remembered that I also needed to get to the bank this morning. Not the, the kind of banking where you actually NEED TO WALK INSIDE THE BUILDING, preferably not in your jams, but the sign on the door only says you can't wear hoodies or possibly masks, so I'm probably OK.


I hit the snooze only once, because I'm responsible like that, and got dressed in Actual Clothes That Match.  I even brushed my hair and put on makeup, even though I totally did not have time to shower, so my hair was barely passable.  I never do any of this at 7:50 a.m. when I'm driving, because it's a quick drive to the school and back, and I figure I'm good if I have shoes on, right?  I do pass people on my way home from the school sometimes, and I think...maybe I'm slipping a little. These people got dressed for the day like 2 HOURS ago.  I used to actually care about this stuff.

Today I knew I'd be a little early for the bank, so I went through the car wash, and got gas, then texted a friend I haven't seen in way too long, who I may see for lunch later (for which I will shower and possibly even shave my legs--I promise), to kill time.  I barely registered that the bank parking lot was...empty.   I KNOW.

At 9:04 a.m., I grabbed my banking stuff and walked to the bank door.  Yanked on it.  Nothing.

What the-- ??

I did the thing where you cup your hands on the glass and peer inside.  The place was dark.  My first thought was, Oh, great.  They've been robbed.  Followed by...seriously? No one showed UP on time?? 

There wasn't a sign on the door, so I drove through the drive-up window.  Like there's going to be some lady waiting there to help me, in the dark.  And THAT'S when I saw the sign that said:

"We will be closed Monday, Oct. 13th for COLUMBUS DAY"


I have a smart phone that can tell me when I've eaten too much, but it can't remember to tell me not to get dressed on the ONE DAY OF THE WEEK when there's no one at the bank.

I'm celebrating by staying in my jams, for the rest of the day.


  1. Actual Clothes That Match.


    We all do that, don't we? Cup our hands and look in the glass as if someone is going to go "Holy SHIT! There's a PERSON out there! We should have opened already"!

    1. I know-- I half expected someone to come to the door like, "Oh, sorry. We forgot to unlock this!"

  2. FYI - you NEVER have to wear clothes that match or shave your legs for me. Love you, friend!

    1. lol. I changed out of my "town" clothes, but I totally did shave my legs. :D

  3. Let's face it -- Columbus day isn't even a REAL holiday. It's like President's Day and Veteran's Day. Put in place so that government and banking officials can have a day off, but the rest of us have to continue to slog into work and then we can't even get our errands done when we finish. Let me clarify that I have nothing but respect for our Veterans -- but then let's make it a REAL holiday so that EVERYONE can take the day off (like Christmas or Thanksgiving).

    Of course, my work makes me use my PTO for holidays -- so I'm basically paying to take time off -- but that's another rant.

    1. PTO for holidays. Nice. I hear ya.

      And don't even get me started on the people who *have* to work on Christmas and Thanksgiving, so the masses can trample in and SHOP on those days. Oh yes, another rant entirely!

  4. I'm surprised your child had to go to school on Columbus Day. In NC they use every excuse possible for kids not to go to school. When I was younger I distinctly remember very few days off and no "Teacher Workdays" either. Now it's like every month they have a whole day off and lots of holidays. Sorry about the bank though; I suppose bank people need a break considering their line of work.

    1. Yeah, I love our little bank, so I forgave them.

      And at our (private) school, we don't skip days unless it's the apocalypse (possibly not even then). Neither snow, nor ice, nor winter storm warning, nor government holiday will keep us from being open, lol. But sometimes I just wake up and say SNOW DAY, and then we stay home just because, so it all works out. ;)