Monday, March 16, 2015

We Still Have a Glaring, but Also Sort of a Menagerie. Or a Menagerie WITH Glaring?

If you read the last post, you know that we finally got an English mastiff puppy, which we've wanted to do for about five years.

So it's kind of like we have a small dragon living in the house with us now.  Except with less fire-y breath... and about a million times more cuteness factor.
that face...
 The routine has definitely settled down, so I don't spend the days any more wondering "Oh. My. Gosh.  what have I done?" or not finishing important stuff like showering and making dinner.

 Hahahaha I'm just kidding. Of course I make dinner.  

The first 3-4 days were kind of seriously crazy, because all the sudden everything is turned upside down and you can't do anything because DOG and you forget to take your teenager places like school and Driver's Ed because DOG and you can't go sit outside on the porch swing randomly because DOG and you sleep in your clothes because what if she has to get up in the middle of the night?  (she hasn't, not even once--thank you LORD).

Our new dog-life has all sorted itself out, and we have realized that she is actually really and truly awesome and easy to have around.  She spends most of the day napping by my chair or on my actual feet.
Sorry, I can't get up right now

She does love to play with her toys, of course, and she's clumsy and funny when she's starts shaking them and wanting to romp around in the house.  Our youngest coined a new phrase for it the other night when she was flipping one of her rag toys around:
"She's got her crazy pants on"

Best of all, though, she's been absolutely polite and calm with our 'glaring' of cats (because apparently that's what it's called when you have more than two cats, or that's what non-cat people do when you have more than two cats).  The cats are also no longer glaring AT the puppy.  Sam has decided she's not worth the trouble and will now actually touch noses with her and rub his head on her (well, almost- he sort of leans towards her and then seems to think better of it).  But still.  He's definitely not worried...
at all-
Jack's still hiding a lot, but he does that all the time anyway.  He will sneak up to her while she's sleeping, or lie down a few feet away and watch her like, "what ARE you?"

Louis has made it clear that he doesn't care how big she's going to get, he will always be the boss. She already respects him and gives him kind of a wide berth, but she did manage to sneak onto his favorite soft spot in front of the fire the other night.  It worked out OK, and Louis managed to claim more than a corner of the rug by the end, but she did hog the best spot.
Are we good?

Yeah.  I guess you can stay.


That's all for now- I think she's ready to go outside again.   Stay tuned-

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