Friday, April 3, 2015

Say Anything

I know, if you can't say something nice...  but what if you can't say something interesting?

Just say anything, I guess.

my whole weekend so far--

I'd say something interesting, but I'm not into baring my soul to the world at large, especially when my "world at large" includes...pretty much everyone I know.  I mean, I'd possibly be more comfortable if I didn't know most of you, because who cares what strangers think, right? ME

And I'd try to say something funny, but I think all my funny is used up for now, and that would also require concentration and making words fit together, which is a skill I seem to have depleted lately.  This also explains why I have several tabs open on my computer right now that are unfinished things that need to be finished before lunch and it's 11:48 a.m.  And I just remember I have a 1:30 chiropractic appointment, and I haven't showered yet...

So, that explains my state of mind today.  Hey, I did say something, right there...

Since it's Good Friday and a special holiday weekend for us, and I don't have any deep thoughts about candy flavors or shoes or tips for driving, dressing, or using Facebook, and I'm out of fun family stories, I thought I'd just share our weekend menu ideas here, instead of on Pinterest.  Because everyone knows Pinterest is where entire days of nonrefundable time go to die.

This is also a shout out to any of my vegan friends, because our youngest has been more or less vegan for about 6 weeks, and I'm trying to create dishes she can or will eat, while still including the dyed-in-the-wool dishes we always eat.  And, since butter, cream, wheat and meat are very central to our special occasion meals, I'm somewhat stumped.  I go completely all Paula Deen for holiday meals.  BECAUSE BUTTER Y'ALL.

For some reason, I also haven't started on any of our food yet.  Not like I haven't started baking, I haven't even been to the grocery store yet.  Which also means tomorrow I will be in the kitchen freaking out going WHY DIDN'T I START ALL THIS ON WEDNESDAY??

Procrastinating.  Procrastinating is why I didn't start all this on Wednesday.  That, and a lot of knitting.  And my nails are wet.  And because DOG.    It's a busy life, OK?

Without further ado, here's the bar I've set for my holiday Martha/Paula alter ego this weekend.  Bearing in mind that it's just the three of, picture SMALL amounts of everything, except I'm also trying to use up about about 7 dozen extra eggs from our chickens, who must have heard our youngest's new vegan rule and decided they had something to prove.

Homemade hand-dipped chocolates with coconut and peanut-butter
Homemade peeps.  ain't nobody got time for that
Iced sugar cookies  (and by "iced", I mean, I may take a butter knife to them with some icing on it)
Angel food cake with raspberry-current preserves from the garden
Breakfast crepes with apricot preserves
Organic ham from our own pigs
Steamed asparagus (we grow it, but Lord knows it's sure not ready YET, because we live in Narnia)
Homemade pickles
Mashed potatoes
Spinach salad with feta, dried cranberries, almonds and raspberry vinaigrette
  OR - pea salad, because spring
Paska - Ukrainian Easter bread
Creme caramel (and no, we don't have a milk cow.  I heard that.)
Hard-boiled eggs (did I even need to say that?)

*ponders a moment*

Yeah....Not much of this ties in with our vegan OR  plant-based, wheat-free diet idea.  *shrugs*

Have a beautiful weekend!  Hopefully next time I'll have something more interesting to say.

 Feel free to chime in if you have vegan substitutions that non-vegans would also love...


  1. Your menu sounds delicious and I'm a total carnivore. I have become the biggest procrastinator in the world, literally, everything I do lately is last minute or even a little late. My funny is on a decline, and I've been more in a pity party way for the last few weeks, no make that months. I wish I could blame it on wet nails, but even those have been neglected. Hope you have a good holiday....

    1. Thanks...! I'm (almost) getting kind of a complex about the not-very-funny thing, but *eh* whatev. Some days I think maybe the blog thing has run its course... Hope your slump ends, too!

      OK I REALLY NEED TO GO now. muah!

  2. I covet your garden and your baking skills and I kind of want to come to your house and eat.

    I hope all is good with you...and I hope you have a lovely holiday.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'd love to have you come to my house and eat!

  3. Check out Iowa Girl Eats and Ambitious Kitchen. Both post a lot of gluten free and vegan options. Hope you had a great Easter!

    1. Will check them out. Easter was great, and we had too much lovely food of course, so- lots of leftovers :D

      Still rebelling against baking all the way vegan, (we raise chickens for crying out loud), but we did incorporate some things in that she will eat. :)

      Hope yours was great too!